Robin Das's Debut Feature Indie Movie(EK PAYE ROYECHO DARIYE) is only Indian movie which won official selection to   FIAPF accredated "Festival De Cine De Bogota 2012"& "Cyprus International Film Festival,2012."The movie is also invited to Egyptian Cinema Industry Chamber revolution celebration program  Palasis Du Festival on Cairo Film Festival Market.
Ek Paye Royecho Dariye(AND LOST SOUL).

Director's Filmography:

1.lovers's Paradise(2003)(dcu) : Bagged prestigious " BFJA" award for BEST DIRECTOR 2004 . 2.Jaliwnwala bag of Bengal (2004).(dcu) .
3.Aya Chand Mama( 2005)(sh)-screened at 6 International film festival like cannes merche du film,Clermont Ferrand fm,Kolkata International Film fest....... 4. The Missing President And His Army (2007)(dcu) . 6.MAN,FREEDOM& GOD.august2007 (docu).screened atAl jazeera International docu film fest 2008,Free Sprit Film Fest,Government of Kerela Documentary film fest.etc incuding 8 national & International film fest. 7.PEACE(Short Feature},Bebulgum film fest,Clermont ferrand festival mk. 8.Window Call U --Oblo Intl Film fest,FFSI film fest.

Feature Film(Full Length)
9.Ek Paye Royecho Dariye,91min,fiction,2012.

10.Orajnoitik Noy,117,friction,2013

 Movie: Ek Paye Royecho Dariye

Short synopsis:A City Poet can't get a moment's peace as he has to compromise with the wrongs in the society but he wrestles with his conscience and starts to recall his soul in his life, the effect of these turn of events is deeply shocking for his family.......

Long synopsis:

The protagonist of this film is a poet who though revolutionary in
spirit, has to compromise with the wrongs in the society.  His
perturbed soul could not tolerate it much longer however. It possessed
his body to govern his actions. Ectoplasm can give a spirit form, but
can it make it humane? That was a question that the poet's late wife
could never answer. While she had been alive, she was a mere
love-interest of her husband! The poet's daughter is quite unlike both her parents.
How can she defy this patriarchal society? The story of this film is all about the
search of the soul to find the correct rhythm of life.
Not  a poem, not a folk-lore, not a social drama,  what is the true
identity of this  film ?  The individual search finds a universal
resonance in the language of this film.

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The Bengal Post:
When social meets spiritual
By Monami Ghosh,On 1-01-2013

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Filmmaking is a way of life for engineer-turned-director Robin Das. Having made documentary films for a number of years and having won the Bengali Film Journalists’ Award(BFJA) for his documentary, Lovers’ Paradise in 2004, he debuts as a feature filmmaker with his film, Ek Paaye Royecho Dariye. The film has been invited to the Cairo Film festival. On being asked how he feels about it, he says, “ I am overwhelmed to have received the invitation. For me, filmmaking is an art that I practise with sincerity. For somebody like me, a festival invitation or appreciation from connoisseurs of cinema, is fulfilment enough.” Talking about his film, he reveals, “I have attempted to map the ethical journey of humanity in my film. It is a juxtaposition of the social and the spiritual.” Das was greatly moved when he watched a footage of the 26/11 carnage in Mumbai. On being asked whether this footage had influenced him to make a film, he says, “Terrorism is a malady that has plagued society for years. This is very disturbing. And the subcontinent is looked upon as a corrupt place by other nations and the spiritual essence of India as a nation is fast degenerating. Although this has been a disturbing issue for years, it was the 26/11 issue that triggered off the urge in me to make a film that addresses terrorism.” However, the director maintains that his film is not just about terrorism as a social malady but it also has a multi-layered structure and explores the trials and tribulations of individuals. The director has tried to show how the plight of any individual is identical to the plight of a victim of terrorism. The existing political structure is such that everyone is a victim of terrorism in some way or the other. He also tries to show how the independence of an individual is actually a farce even in modern societies and in democratic nations as the government tries to manipulate the independent opinions of its citizens. The film revolves around a poet, Kobi Sengupta, his wife and daughter. The poet’s wife is a 26/11 victim. The daughter is raped by her father’s former political associates and how the girl gains a foothold in this patriarchal society by overcoming her trauma forms the crux of the story. The film explores the complexity of relationships as well as deconstructs the ideas of the soul. The spiritual side of the film portrays the detachment of the poet’s soul from his body and its interaction with his wife’s soul after she dies. On being asked why his film is called Ek Paaye Royecho Dariye, the director explains, “Metaphorically speaking, an individual can balance himself on both his feet only if the body and soul are in harmony. In my film, the protagonist compromises with the wrongdoings of those in power and thus he is deserted by his soul. Therefore, the title Ek Paaye Royecho Daariye, which suggests that he stands only on one foot.” An admirer of Ritwik Ghatak and Satyajit Ray’s style of filmmaking, Das wants to continue making films that uphold his spiritual insights and are also redolent of a strong, social message. “Mrinal Sen’s Ekdin Pratidin is a great source of inspiration for me. I want to make films that map everyday worries of simple people in society and show how social and political issues can change the nature of their lives completely,” signs off Das.

Times of India:

Robin goes to Egypt

Dibyajyoti Chaudhuri, TNN Dec 6, 2012, 12.00AM IST
(A still from the film )
Director Robin Das has been called to the Cairo Film Festival where his film Ek Paye Royecho Dariye will be screened
City based director Robin Das is all set to visit the land of pharaohs. The reason? His film Ek Paye Royecho Dariye has been invited for screening at the commercial section of the Cairo Film Festival. The promo of the film has already created a flutter on youtube for its apparently bold scenes. The director, who is an engineer by profession has already tasted success with his films being screened at the Cyprus and Bagoda film festivals. "I have chosen to to work with absolute fresh faces in this film. They have given their 100 per cent and I am quite happy with the way things have turned out," he says. The film deals with a contemporary poet who decides not to give in to the political goons. The story traces his struggle as he tries to make his mark, despite the efforts to negate his work by those in positions of power. Adity Bhattacharya has done good work in the lead role and the music by Rajdip is also something to look forward to. "I am excited about the Cairo Film Festival and hope to get a good response," Robin says. Business Standrad:

Engineer-turned-filmmaker Robin Das, recipient of Bengal Film Journalist Association’s best documentary maker in 2004, has been invited to the prestigious Cairo film festival for the screening his debut feature film "Ek Paye Royecho Dariye".
"Got a communique that my film will be shown in Palasis Du festival on Cairo Film Festival Market. It is a real honour for an experimental film which did not have conventional shooting schedules like other Tollywood movies," Das told PTI here.
The film, whose cast includes unconventional actors like Mumbai BPO professional Aditi Bhattacharya, deals with the subject of a poet's fight against political machinations in the present-day society. 
Unable to get a moment's peace, he has to compromise with the wrongs in society, but wrestles with his conscience and starts to recall his soul in his life. The 91-minute film also was the official selection at the Golden Aphrodite - First Feature Films Premieres 2012 and Festival de Cine de Bogota, and Cyprus International Film Festival,2012.
"I had shot my film in guerrilla style with low budget. It was completed with a budget within Rs 10 lakh," Das said.
Das, an engineer by profession, had earlier made documentaries like Lovers' Paradise(2003), Jawaliwanabag of Bengal (2004), Aya Chand Mama(,2005), The Missing President & His Army(2006), Peace (2007), Man,Freedom & God (2007) and short film Window calls U (2008)